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Every day more than 10 millions users sign digitally with Intesi Group cloud-based solutions.
Forget about smartcards, tokens or drivers to install. Just click & sign!

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Cloud-based Qualified Digital Certificate

Allows creation of electronic signatures with the same legal effect as handwritten signatures. It complies with the most stringent e-signature Laws and Regulations, being accepted worldwide.


Legal enforceability / Non-repudiation / Regulatory compliance / Strong security / Global acceptance / CSC compliant / Natively integrated in Adobe Sign


Cloud-based Advanced Digital Certificate

Allows creation of electronic signatures with legal effect. It complies with eIDAS Regulation and several e-signature Laws in third countries.


Legal enforceability / Strong security / Regulatory compliance / CSC compliant / Natively integrated in Adobe Sign

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Cloud-based Digital Certificate

Allows creation of simple electronic signatures for testing purposes.

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How does cloud signature work?

  • Sign anytime, anywhere, on any type of device: smartphone, tablet, laptop
  • Easy to use with an excellent user experience: digital certificates are stored in cloud by Intesi Group on a certified HSM
  • Protected by two-factor authentication: password and OTP generated by a mobile App
  • Complete set of e-signature options: qualified signature, advanced signature, simple signature
  • Signing efficiency: the signing experience is optimized, with less “clicks” and actions to sign
  • Compliance and flexibility in a single solution: real-time responsiveness, automated processes, agility

How can I get a signature certificate?

Buy from our online store the type of certificate you want (Advanced or Qualified)

Follow the procedure for the certificate issuance:

  1. Fill in the form with your personal data that will be included in the digital certificate and upload a copy of your ID document or Passport
  2. Download our IG YOU App from iOS or Android store.
  3. Verify your real identity through a video call session with one of our agents (only for Qualified certificates)

You can have your cloud-based digital certificate and being able to sign in maximum 24 hours.

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Intesi Group can provide a wide range of solutions helping your business to go paperless, maintain at the same time the regulatory compliance, data security and confidentiality. The integration between your platforms or applications with our digital signatures will allow your staff to concentrate on their job, delivering efficiency and cost reduction.

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