Our mission is to build a digital reality in which trust is the most natural thing in the world.

We know the value of a simple gesture like signing your name.
We have been listening, studying, and learning with passion, every day for almost 25 years, to create a new culture at the service of people and their needs.

We have changed the rules. We began thinking out of the box before anyone else so as to offer everyone a simpler and safer experience which is both inclusive and sustainable.

We know that human relationships can never be replaced by technology, but we work hard every day to make them easier and better.

Trust in the future starts today. You can put your signature to it. Intesi Group – Trust Forward

Intesi Group

We are a Certification Authority specializing in the development and marketing of high-tech solutions, a provider of data security applications and services for 25 years.

We offer advanced products in the sectors of electronic signatures, digital identity management and multifactor authentication, digital approval transaction management and document signing, encryption and data protection.

We help our clients in the technological evolution of processes and business, supporting them on a conscious path of digital transformation.
We are Qualified Trust Services Provider (QTSP), certified under eIDAS regulation in Italy and Europe.

We ensure broad and multifaceted consulting solutions to drive clients in the evolution of their service portfolio.

We create value

We implement cutting-edge technology solutions with the aim of creating value: for those who work with us and for customers, for the country system and for our Group.

This is not just about generating profits: for us, value is a broader and more structured concept, the end point of a continuous process of improvement and growth.

We listen to people

Each staff member is unique and with his/her abilities is a key asset for IG, but first and foremost he/she is a person.

In Intesi Group we live and work well because the basis of our actions is always listening and participation. For us, the needs of individuals are a crucial element of a relationship based on loyalty, respect and trust.

We make culture

Our growth starts from a corporate culture built on competence and passion, ethical values and sharing, communication and transparency.

We believe in digitization as a solution to overcome geographical and social boundaries; to simplify experiences and improve the most analog thing there is: people’s lives.

We look forward

For us, technology is the way to realize solutions that look to the future, but always in the name of continuity with the present.

Flexibility and foresight enable us to take signals from the outside world and turn them into actions that respond in advance to people’s needs.

We are conscientious

We are aware that we are part of a large and complex social ecosystem: respecting its balances and dynamics, being fair and supportive, is a duty we consider indispensable.

Social responsibility, corporate welfare and respect for the environment are the 3 pillars along which we develop, with simple and concrete actions, our way of doing business.

0 years of activity in the Finance, TelCo and Government sectors, both local and central.

0 experts highly qualified and innovation-oriented, more than 50 percent with a science-technology degree.

0 customers to its credit established references in various market sectors, with a very high retention rate.

0 million EUR turnover by the year 2023, reinvested in innovative R&D projects.

Some of our customers

Our certifications


The Qualified Signature Creation Device certificate issued by the Austrian authority A-SIT (Austria – Secure Information Technology Center) for the PkBox signature solution according to EU 910/2014 eIDAS regulation.


Intesi Group is qualified under eIDAS Regulation to provide qualified trust services under the supervision of AgID.


Intesi Group is member of the Adobe Approved Trust List.

PEC – Certified Electronic Mail

Intesi Group is listed by the Italian Government on the AgID website among the PEC providers

SPID Aggregator

Intesi Group is listed by the Italian Government on the AgID website among SPID aggregators.

SPID Service Provider

Intesi Group is listed by the Italian Government on the AgID website in the SPID Service Provider Registry.

ISO 9001:2015

Quality management system.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Information security management system.

CSA Star Level 1

Security trust assurance and risk.

We are members of