Preservation of IT documents is a process based on technological standards and procedures to ensure authenticity, integrity, reliability, legibility and availability of IT documents.

Are preservation and archiving the same thing?…NO


Electronic archiving is an activity that allows the storage of a document on a computer medium (similar to classic archiving with the only difference that a different medium is used, due to the different nature of the document).


Digital preservation is a standardized process that can ensure authenticity, integrity, reliability, legibility and availability to an IT document.
The historical memory of the information is preserved and it is not “simply” archived, but its full legal validity and constant usability over time is ensured.

Why Choose Intesi Group Digital Preservation Service


ISO 27001:2013 / ISO 9001:2015



Notary as the person in charge of the Preservation system


Easy for the customer to integrate and use

How does Intesi Group’s Digital Preservation service work?

1. Receiving Documents and Metadata

The Preservation System receives the documents and metadata needed to create search keys, which ensure that preserved documents can be found over time.

2. Transfer to the Digital Preservation System

Digital documents, whether digital native or dematerialized, are transferred to the Intesi Group Digital Preservation System through a secure channel.

3. Generation of digitally signed preservation receipt.

The Preservation System generates evidence of the operations performed through a digitally signed preservation receipt that uniquely identifies the document, or more generally the object, that has been stored in the system.

4. Daily generation of the deposit report (Daily Log)

The Preservation System generates daily the deposit report (Daily Log) digitally signed by the Preservation System Manager (Notary) that summarizes all transactions made daily to the system by a given holder or producer of the deposit package.

5. Preparation of the Archiving Package

The preservation process ends with the preparation of the Archiving Package (PdA) that complies with the UNI 11386 SinCRO standard.

Which documents can be digitally preserved?

Some examples…

For some types of documents, digital preservation is required by current legislation while for others it is a strong recommendation in order to maintain access to documents and their integrity.

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