The EPREL product database is an electronic database for energy-related products, such as household appliances, for sale within the EU. All products that need to show an energy label must be registered in the EPREL database by the manufacturer with various background information.

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Get your e-Seal EU compliant to upload your product information into the EPREL database in a few clicks!

Intesi Group Qualified e-Seal

  • unlimited e-Seals
  • validity 1 month
  • money-back guarantee
  • full legal validity in EU
  • pdf, p7m, signatures formats
  • dedicated support service

only 150 € + VAT


Buy your Qualified e-Seal by filling in the provided form – Just click on the “Buy now!” button. Our operators will support you in the purchase.


After your purchase you’ll get an email with all the information to book a video call with one of our operators in order to verify your identity and to issue your e-Seal.


You have all the tools to sign and upload your documents in the EPREL database.

Who is entitled to request a Qualified e-Seal?

Only a legal representative of the company or a delegated person from the legal representative of the company can request a Qualified e-Seal.

Please do not proceed if you are not one of these profiles and you do not have the documents that prove it.

How can I use a Qualified e-Seal?

To use our Qualified e-Seal you do not need any physical device such as a smart-card or USB key.
You just have to download on your PC our free software IG DESK.
It’s very simple and intuitive, just follow the instruction provided after your purchase.

User manual

Download our Guides for using Intesi Group Qualified e-Seals:
Guide to apply Qualified e-Seals with free IG DESK software >Download<

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