Exceptional signing experiences delivered

E-signatures powered by Adobe Acrobat Sign integrated with cloud-based digital certificates from Intesi Group make it easy, efficient, safe and secure.

Adobe and Intesi Group deliver seamless, secure signing

Our customers are now able to execute advanced or qualified electronic signatures instantly using Adobe Acrobat Sign and Intesi Group cloud-based digital certificates, without going through a separate process for the certificate issuance. We eliminated the gap between what businesses really want and what is possible.

Teaming up with Adobe allows us to provide a better set of tools to help accelerate digital transformation for any kind of business, with an exceptional user experience. Adobe Acrobat Sign is the world’s most trusted e-signature solution with more than 8 billion transactions recorded in 2019.

Adobe Acrobat Sign and Intesi Group:
breakthrough experiences in fewer steps

Easily collect signatures anywhere, on any device

Use Adobe Acrobat Sign with digital certificates from Intesi Group to get trusted, secure and legally binding advanced or qualified e-signatures faster and easier than ever before.

Track signature status every step of the way

Get instant notifications of when documents are viewed, approved and signed to always know who has signed and when, who is up next and who is still pending.

Minimize risk while ensuring compliance

Manage risk by signing workflow – from simple to advanced or qualified e-signatures, you can be confident that your digital signatures comply with eIDAS.

Intesi Group and Adobe Acrobat Sign reselling model

Adobe Acrobat Sign

  • E-signature application
  • Workflows definition
  • Auditing & traceability
  • API for third-parties integration
  • Connectors to enterprise solutions (Commercial Supportforce, MS Dynamics, ecc.)


  • eiDAS-compliant Qualified and Advanced Electronic Signature
  • Certification Authority in Approved Adobe Trust List (AATL)
  • Qualified Timestamp for LTV eSignature
  • Know Your Customer service (KYC) for user identification and onboarding
  • Integration with European Identity Providers for online identification

Professional Services

  • Project Management
  • Requirements and use case analysis
  • Support in API integration
  • Support in workflow definition
  • Solution Customization and Localization

Save time, save money and grow your business faster

More than 500,000 organizations trust Adobe to drive speed and efficiency*.

0% faster transactions with Acrobat Sign

0% more efficient back-office work

0M$ saved in sustainability costs

*Year 3 total time savings from using Acrobat Sign. Forrester TEI Total Economy Impact Study, January 2022

Designed to respond to any screen size on desktops or mobile devices.

Assures the highest level of identity verification.

Secures data and documents with bank level encryption.

Complies with the most rigorous regulations, including FDA, EMA, DEA, 21 CFR Part 11.

Digital signatures based on EU advanced and qualified digital certificate.

Reduces costs associated with paper, printing, faxing and storage.

Riduzione del tempo di firma da giorni a pochi minuti

Experience innovation with ID-based signer identity verification

Prove signer’s identity and authenticate your customers with Government ID Authentication. When enabled, users are guided through a simple process of using their mobile phone to take a picture of a physical ID card or passport. Adobe Acrobat Sign automatically evaluates the ID document’s security features, to authenticate the identity of the signers and allow them to complete the signature process.

Sign with your verified digital identity

If you have a digital ID, you can re-use it to generate legally binding cloud signatures with Adobe Acrobat Sign and Intesi Group.
Here is the list of ID providers integrated in our services.


BankID Sweden

BankID Norway

MitID Denmark

FTN Finland

DIN Netherlands

Adobe Acrobat Sign and Intesi Group cloud-based signatures are available from within your preferred platform.

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