Digital Signature service as part of your solution

Integrate the Intesi Group Cloud Digital Signature service into your software or web/mobile application.
Make your offer a high value-added proposition and make your business growing by removing any paper-based limitation. The customer signs directly on your site or into your application for a seamless experience in continuity with your services and your offering.


Keep full control of your documents as they are never transferred to Intesi Group.

Eco-sustainable choice

Allow your customers and suppliers to go paperless.

Legal value

Sign documents in real time with legally binding digital signatures.

What does your application do?

Digital Signature is a cross-case feature for standalone applications and online services in any industry

  • HR onboarding
  • Sales management
  • eInvoicing
  • Insurance services
  • Online subscriptions
  • Approval flow
  • Financial tools

The customer journey

Display the document to the customer

Send a One Time Password

Let the customer enter the OTP

The signed document is ready for the customer


Easy to use, high level APIs
REST-based easy to understand APIs and SDKs for Java and .Net for an effortless integration in 3 simple calls:

  • Provide signer’s personal data
  • Trigger the OTP sending to the signer
  • Get your signed document directly in your software/system

Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC) APIs
Leverage on the widely recognized standard defined by Cloud Signature Consortium in compliance with the most demanding electronic signature regulations in the world.

Usecase: eInvoicing

Choose the Intesi Group eInvoicing solution fully integrated with the management systems installed in your company, like ERP and Document Management Systems or Approval.

A high-performance solution to ensure fast and efficient handling of large volumes of document transactions. Your business and financial documents such as purchase orders, packing notes, invoices, debit notes or credit memos are treated quickly and automatically integrated into the management system.

Usecase: online subscription

Is your software or your web application still requiring users to go through: DOWNLOAD → PRINT → HANDWRITTEN SIGNATURE → SCAN → UPLOAD annoying and inefficient time-consuming processes?

Make Intesi Group Digital Signature service part of your solution and allow users to sign documents or subscribe services directly in your application or on your web portal.

We help you to integrate Intesi Group Digital Signatures into your current software or online services.

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