What is source code escrow?

It is the service that allows to deposit, within a preservation system, the source code of a software with a third party (Trustee or Escrow Agent) in order to safeguard the software as a guarantee both for the software manufacturer (Depositor) and for the user (Beneficiary or Licensee).

Why choose Intesi Group’s escrow service?

Because it’s a win-win solution

Software vendor

By depositing in escrow the source code of an application the intellectual property of the software is protected.


He is guaranteed continuity in operational processes as he is assured access to the source upon the occurrence of certain criteria provided for in the contract.

How does Intesi Group’s escrow service work?

The service provides for the completion of a contract involving 4 subjects:



Escrow Agent – Notary

Intesi Group – Digital Safe

At the time of deposit, the Notary – or Escrow Agent – ascertains the existence of the files at a given moment and in a specific computer system and relies on Intesi Group technology to register and certify the files with a safe and reliable tool designed to guarantee authenticity, integrity, reliability, legibility, and traceability.

What risks are there when you buy software?


Bankruptcy or insolvency of software vendor.


Problems with maintenance or support, or even end-of-life of software.

Change of ownership

Transfer of intellectual property rights to a new owner who does not provide the same level of protection and service.

Use case: Escrow of keys for graphometric signature

Key escrow for graphometric signature is the service for securely and inaccessibly storing private decryption keys for graphometric signature processes.

This is a service whereby Intesi Group undertakes to protect and store the aforementioned keys and return them upon input from the Notary (or Escrow Agent) to the subject Holder in the event that the Judicial Authority initiates a decryption process in the face of a signature repudiation, or upon the occurrence of certain contractually stipulated conditions.

Technical Security + Legal Security

We offer companies the opportunity to protect the strategic assets of their business by depositing them as collateral with a Notary.
The Notary (or rather the pool of Notaries) as Public Official oversees and certifies all phases of the process and the integrity of the process itself in an indisputable manner.

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