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Is Intesi Group recognized as an authorized entity for issuing qualified digital signatures?

Intesi Group is a QTSP – Qualified Trust Service Provider – certified and accredited in Italy (Agid):
and in Europe:

Which signature certificates are suitable for signing documents to public bodies – PA?

We offer two identical solutions but with different time validity:

In both cases, the number of signature operations that can be performed is unlimited. Both products can be purchased on the Intesi Group Store.

What is the difference between PAdES and CAdES signatures?

PDF signature and P7M signature are perfectly equivalent; they are simply two technically different modes, but with the same legal value. Technically they are referred to as PAdES (PDF) and CAdES (P7M) signatures.

It is the inherent nature of the file produced by IG DESK (the P7M) that guarantees the signature.

The P7M file incorporates in a single file: the original document, the digital signature, and the unique relationship between document and signature.
Normally, it is not possible to affix a “visible signature” to the document, which is possible with a PDF signature (the signed document remains a PDF).

Public administrations typically prefer documents signed in P7M mode, simply out of habit.

How long does it take from purchase to signing a document?

The timing is “purchase today” and operational signing “tomorrow” (business day after purchase).

This video shows the entire process from purchasing to using the digital signature.

If you have a SPID digital identity, you can purchase Easy or Qualified Cloud Signature using SPID by choosing the BUY WITH SPID option. In this case, you will not have to perform video identification with our operators, and you will activate the digital signature in just a few steps.

After purchase

I purchased the signing certificate on the Store, what should I do now?

Once the purchase is made, the portal offers two options:

A. go ahead and carry out the next steps, which are 1) authentication via SPID 2) issuance of the digital signature certificate;

B. continue at a later date, following the instructions contained in an email that is delivered to the mailbox indicated by the signer at the time of purchase.

If you choose option B. simply check the incoming email (sent immediately after purchase). Always check in Spam or gmail “promotions” as well. The email comes from

I purchased one of your Qualified Cloud Signature certificates that I am using with IG DESK can I use it with other electronic signature applications as well?

Yes, for example from a smartphone with our free IG SMART App that you can download for free here.

You can also use signature software such as Adobe Acrobat Sign. To do this you must: i) purchase an Adobe Acrobat Sign license; ii) configure in Adobe Acrobat Sign the Intesi Group Cloud Signature provider that issued the Certificate: you must enable it in the Adobe Acrobat Sign settings (“digital signature” setting).

Instead, to use the certificate with the free Adobe product (Acrobat Reader), you need a license of one of our additional products – IG DRIVER – which extends the Reader’s functionality to the use of remote digital signatures. Acrobat Reader natively supports only physical signing devices (such as smartcard or USB flash drive).

The license of our add-on product (IG DRIVER), has an annual fee of 95€ per user and unlimited signature operations. For info please click HERE

I installed IG DESK but it doesn’t work. What can I do?

First check that you do not have an aggressive antivirus that intercepts many false positives. It is suggested that these two proxies be entered as exceptions to be checked on the antivirus:


Second, consult our FAQ related to IG DESK here.

I can’t sign with IG DESK, I get the “Credential locked” error. What can I do?

IG DESK shows the “Credential locked” error when, in the IG YOU app on the smartphone, an incorrect PIN code is entered for more than 3 consecutive attempts.

In this case, the credential will be automatically unlocked after 15 minutes in which no login attempts are made.

Then wait 15 minutes, after which you can try to sign again by entering the correct PIN in IG YOU.

After making the payment I received an email, what should I do?

Open the email received and click on the “ISSUE CERTIFICATE” button; then follow the certificate issuance wizard.

After the certificate has been issued, the following steps should be followed in order to digitally sign a document:

• Install the IG DESK signature software on your PC by downloading it from here

Log in to IG DESK for the first time with the same credentials (username/passwd) used to log in to our Time4Mind portal

• Download and install the IG YOU app on your smartphone.

Alternatively, you can perform the entire signing operation from a smartphone using, instead of the PC-based software IG DESK, the free IG SMART App that can be downloaded here

I made the payment but I do not receive the email to issue the certificate

There are two alternatives:

1) return to the Intesi Group Store, log in with the email and password previously set. There is a magnifying glass on the order line, clicking it takes you to the order detail.

In the upper right-hand corner on the page, there is a blue “resend email” button. Click the blue button to generate a new email. Pay attention to the message that appears at the top of the page, which indicates to which email address the message is being sent.

Also check in spam or equivalent folders, the email is sent from

2) Connect to: with previously set email and password. On the right is a list of entries on blue band.

Select “Issue Certificate”. Clicking this item informs the system that there is a certificate to be issued.

As you continue through the wizard, you will be asked for a security code (which the user does not have, because the email did not arrive). On the same page, however, you can request that a new security code be sent to you, which will always be sent by email. The email is sent immediately. Take the security code that arrives in the new email, enter it on the site page, and continue through the wizard.

I received the email to renew the certificate, what should I do?

If you want to renew your Easy Cloud Signature certificate just go to the Intesi Group Store and click on the “Renew” option. The cost is 19 EUR + VAT with unlimited signatures for the duration of the certificate. If the expiring certificate is an Easy certificate, you cannot renew it by choosing another type of certificate (Qualified for example) but must always choose a certificate of the same type.

I registered for the IG YOU app with a new account.

The procedure to follow is:

1. uninstall the App from the smartphone and install it again;

2. click the light blue CERTIFICATE button on the email

3. instead of making a new registration, open the App and enter the email and password already used during purchase.

I need to postpone the date for video identification. How can I do this?

Reopen the email containing the blue button that allows you to upload data and documents. Clicking it gives you the opportunity to resume the file and update the reservation.

What happens after the purchase?

After purchase you will receive:

• mail from UniCredit bank regarding the transaction made with the payment card;
• our order confirmation email, with a link for you to enter your details and documents to make your online identification appointment.

How can I verify that the signing has been done correctly?

You can check the signed document with IG DESK by clicking here; this is a third-party service. If instead you want to verify with the Intesi Group service click here using the email and password already set with us and choose the “signature validation” option (top right of the page).

Is it possible to sign in CAdES (p7m) mode?

You can drag the document to be signed in IG DESK by holding down the CTRL key, or you select CTRL and “+” so that both PDF and XML documents are signed in CAdES (p7m) mode. All other file types are signed in CAdES mode by default.

How can I recover my PW?

To recover the password, one must log on to the Time4Mind portal, select the “Forgot Password?” or “Lost Password?” option. Now you will receive an email with the procedure for generating a new password.

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