What are company books?

Company books are records in which the activities carried out by the company are reported and also show company composition. In addition to the books and other accounting records prescribed in Article 2214 of the Italian Civil Code, the Article 2421 of the Italian Civil Code provides for a number of other mandatory books:

  • the Register of shareholders
  • the Book of bonds (if issued)
  • the Book of meetings and resolutions of shareholders’ meetings
  • the Book of meetings and resolutions of the board of directors or management board
  • the book of meetings and resolutions of the board of auditors or supervisory board or management control committee
  • the book of meetings and resolutions of the executive committee (if this exists)
  • the book of meetings and resolutions of bondholders (if bonds have been issued)
  • the book of financial instruments issued pursuant to Article 2447 sexies

What is meant by digital books?

Corporate books can be kept as provided in Art. 2215-bis cc:

  • in paper format
  • in digital format

It is therefore possible to manage a book in digital format as of its creation.

It is no longer necessary to print the book on previously endorsed pages and manage and store it in paper format.

Intesi Group’s solution for the digital management and maintenance of corporate books

IG COMPANY BOOKS is the platform for digital management of corporate books. It is the solution that can give full legal and evidentiary value to corporate books, enables more agile and efficient operational management than paper management, guarantees all security aspects and is a document portal for consultation of the same books, while also offering evidence of preservation to various stakeholders.



The digital creation of books and minutes and digital signature by all concerned: SAVING the cost of processing, managing and archiving paper books

The digital preservation of the books, increasing the level of SECURITY, CONFIDENTIALITY, legal-probate value of the documents

The signing of documents, by the Legal Representative and co-interests, by digital signature and time stamping, which satisfies the book keeping IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE LAW

The reduction in the time required to perform activities, search, consult and exhibit digital documents compared to paper management

The automatic sending of documents into Intesi Group’s Digital Preservation System

Increased transparency and possible telematic exhibition of minutes to supervisory bodies and entitled stakeholders

Why choose Intesi Group’s solution for corporate books?

Fully meets the principle of sustainability, in fact reduces the use of paper, ink, toner, printer maintenance and physical storage space

Enables remote operation, including remote working

Facilitates and reduces the timing of the management of the minutes of the Corporate Bodies and lightens administrative tasks

Offers more secure data management, fully adhering to current regulations and in full compliance

Offers transparency in document management and enables greater control activities through immediate and direct access

Digitization of a sensitive area is a true example of virtuousness within organization and increases brand reputation with stakeholders

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