The enhancement of people is at the very center of Intesi Group’s growth strategies.

Our social responsibility activities develop along three lines.

Welfare for staff, support for the most vulnerable and less fortunate people, respect for the environment that surrounds us and in which people live.

Sustainability stories

We implement actions declined with simplicity and concreteness.


Social responsibility

Environmental responsibility

Why do we do it?

Intesi Group’s purpose is to create value.
For the people who work there, for the global system to which the company is part and consequently for the ownership.

The vision has always leveraged digitization as a tool that breaks down geographic boundaries, simplifies people‘s experience, decreases costs, improves safety, increases eco-sustainability and facilitates inclusion.

Even digital signature can be solidal

Solidarity Cloud Signature was a project that saw Intesi Group at the forefront when, in March 2020, the pandemic overwhelmed us.

«Stay safe and sign digitally»
The idea was to give to citizens, businesses and professionals around the world, a complete qualified digital signature solution at an extremely low price. Our goal was to guarantee efficiency and productivity to everyone even in lockdown.

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.

Henry Ford