Intesi Group’s Biodiversity Oasis expands: a project with 3Bee to monitor and protect biodiversity

Biodiversity is the sum of all life forms on our planet and plays an indispensable role in maintaining fundamental ecological functions. However, in recent years, biodiversity is disappearing at an alarming rate, mainly due to some human activities, pollution and climate change. According to ISPRA (Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale), a significant percentage of pollinating insects-domestic and wild-are at risk of extinction, a situation exacerbated by global warming. Therefore, it is crucial to take concrete action to safeguard, regenerate and monitor the state of biodiversity and the world of pollinators.

Hence Intesi Group’s decision to expand its project with the scientific partner 3Bee, the climate tech company and a leader in biodiversity protection through technology, to grow its Biodiversity Oasis consisting of three biomonitoring hives: each of which will help to statistically observe the health status of more than 900,000 bees. In addition, thanks to 3Bee Hive-Tech, the smart hives will enable monitoring of environmental parameters useful for analyzing the surrounding biodiversity and the health of pollinating insects.

We had no doubts when 3Bee proposed to us this year to increase the number of adopted hives – says Paolo Sironi – CEO and President Intesi GroupWe liked this project from the very beginning because of the interesting combination of technology-sustainability as well as the innate friendliness of these insects.”

Biodiversity Oasis are urban and agroforestry habitats recreated in areas of low biodiversity, where technology and nature come together to take a first step toward climate resilience. These physical and virtual spaces distributed throughout Italy aim to monitor and safeguard pollinating insects and biodiversity. Intesi Group’s Biodiversity Oasis, located in Lombardy and Calabria, will contribute to the realization of the largest study and research project on bees, pollinating insects and biodiversity.

Anyone can help populate the Intesi Group Oasis through the adoption of additional hive parts to monitor its development or through the planting of nectariferous trees. In addition, on the Oasis – IG Bees webpage, it is possible to view the map and monitor the environmental impact results achieved through this project, which is an important step in Intesi Group’s sustainability journey.

Thanks to a scientific partner such as 3Bee and their innovative monitoring systems, Intesi Group is thus committed to taking concrete action to safeguard and regenerate biodiversity and to raise awareness among employees, customers and stakeholders on this important issue.