600,000 bees for Intesi Group

In collaboration with 3Bee Intesi Group has adopted two beehives near Milano, thus participating in the “Pollinate the Planet” project.

3Bee is an agri-tech startup that through technology protects bees, the environment and supports the beekeeping sector, actively contributing to the protection and preservation of biodiversity.

With this project in the IG Bee oasis, 600,000 bees will be monitored, pollinating 600 million flowers.

Here is our IG Bee Oasis

The project involves the use of HiveTech, which through the installation of a network of IoT sensors, placed inside the hive, monitors the well-being of bees allowing beekeepers to reduce treatments, monitor bee health, and decrease visits to the apiary.

The monitoring provides real-time insight into the health status of bees and analyzes their vital parameters to intervene in a timely manner and reduce bee mortality by up to 30%.

This is a new initiative to increase our commitment to environmental sustainability. We decided to adopt beehives to draw attention to bees, which play an essential role in maintaining the biodiversity on which we all depend for our survival,” – says Paolo Sironi President and CEO Intesi Group – “By adopting beehives we generate a positive impact on the environment. Finally, the possibility of being able to measure, monitor and improve bee care through technological components appealed to us because it is close to our world of being and looking at the world.

Why adopt hives?

It is estimated that about 87.5% of the world’s wild plants depend for their reproduction, on animal pollination, of this 70% on the tireless activity of domestic and wild bees.

Their contribution makes it possible to maintain biodiversity, ecosystems, and to have a great deal of food on our tables that would otherwise be unavailable.

What threatens bees?

There are many threats to bee survival: pests, diseases, pesticides, climate change and depletion of natural habitats.

With this QR code, you can get all the information about the status of hives adopted by Intesi Group in real time.