CATcher PassWorld is partner of the European Cyber Security Month

October is the Cyber Security Month, an EU advocacy campaign that promotes cyber security among citizens and advocates for change in the perception of cyber-threats by promoting data and information security, education, sharing of good practices and competitions.

The brand new edugame CATcher PassWorld will be released in a special #ECMS edition in order to celebrate this event.
CATcher PassWorld is a game of formation that takes the user on a training trip to discover the secrets of online security. By solving puzzles of increasing complexity, players learn handy and feasible tips and strengthen their knowledge and awareness in the field of cybersecurity. CATcher PassWorld is a fascinating adventure in the quest for knowledge, where players can discover unexplored worlds, meet Security Masters, gather magical objects and increase their experience level.

We aimed at a full integration of gaming aspects and educational content, developing a puzzle game which is by itself intriguing and challenging, with a combined didactic layer. The learning curve is not too steep, allowing any user to gradually enter the world of cybersecurity and finally understand more complex and sophisticated concepts and tools. The design is friendly and appealing for a pleasant and engaging gaming experience. CATcher PassWorld is free and will be available for iOS and Android at mid october.

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