Digital Transformation and Enterprise Integration

In order to digitalize processes during the signature step, it is necessary, in some cases, to intervene on legacy applications that manage documents (ERP, BPM, or another document-based or workflow system). To this end, it is possible to integrate with ease the APIs of the cloud platform of signature and strong authentication Time4Mind, provided by Intesi Group.

The enterprise application that manages the document shall only submit a signature authorisation request, addressed to the user, and wait for the response from the Time4Mind platform, that forwards it to the app Valid. If the response is positive, the enterprise application sends the document containing the user’s authorisation to the platform Time4Mind, and receives the signed document in response.  

The integration of these two operations into an enterprise application is simple: in fact, all the complexities related to security and legislation are solved within the mobile app Valid and the cloud platform Time4Mind.

Time4Mind is based on an infrastructure designed for this purpose by Intesi Group; this infrastructure integrates market components of guaranteed quality together with software solutions developed for this purpose. We do all this in order to provide our customers with the highest level of service in terms of performance, reliability, and security.

In addition to the Cloud Signature services, it is possible to integrate strong authentication services (2FA) while managing in a transparent manner any hardware solution already in operation, provided by the main vendors, as well as one-time password services (OTP) based on SMS.

Lastly, it is possible to implement on Time4Mind a Private Certification Authority to generate keys and X.509 certificates for advanced digital signature. This service stands out for its architectural flexibility, for its richness in components and functions, and for its high degree of compatibility with third-party solutions.