Digital Transformation and User Experience

In order to face the challenge of digital transformation, we need to redesign the processes and offer a positive and relevant user experience, even during the authorisation step, which usually represents “the last mile” of digital transformation.

To this effect, Intesi Group has designed the mobile App Valid, which transform the smartphone (Android or iOS) in an authorisation device, thanks to strong authentication (also known as two-factor authentication). In the case of digital signature, the Valid App enables the user to use the Cloud Signature, easily and safely, with all the benefits provided by the mobile device: that is, whenever and wherever you want.

In particular, the app Valid can be used in “push” mode: an extremely innovative mode that makes the most of the user experience. During a signature process, the user receives a notification (push), whose details allow the user to know what he is signing, and to see the document. If the user decides to sign, he is only required to enter the PIN. Thereupon, the Cloud Signature is applied to the document and the digital process can proceed without delays, wherever the user is.

The App Valid can be integrated into the legacy applications of an enterprise (ERP, BPM, or another document-based or workflow system), or it can be used as authorisation tool to sign from other ready-to-use applications provided by Intesi Group (Time4Store, Valid Sign, Signature Printer Driver, Signature Mail Gateway, Cloud Signature Chatbot).

The app Valid is free and available on Apple’s iTunes and Google’s Play Store. For an optimal user experience, it is also possible to have a mobile app that can be customised and personalised with the enterprise’s brand, published and updated by Intesi Group throughout its lifetime.

If, on the other hand, an enterprise app is already in place, it is also possible to integrate into it the functions of signature and strong authentication, by using our SDK (Software Development Kit).