Dylog Italia acquires the majority of Intesi Group

Milan, 3 June 2019 – The software house Dylog Italia S.p.A. acquired 51% of Intesi Group S.p.A., a private Italian company that offers advanced products and solutions for logical data security.

Dylog Italia S.p.A. with its 40 years of history is one of the leading players in the IT sector, oriented to the creation and development of application solutions for companies and professionals. The consolidated experience thanks to avant-garde production criteria and specialized know-how, always applied with industrial rigor, made of Dylog a leader in many sectors: from management software, image processing, access control, to access control and X-ray quality control, where IT and electronics are applied at the highest technological levels. With this operation Dylog continues its path of expansion and success in the IT market as a growing reality with a turnover of 200 million euros and 1,100 employees.

Intesi Group is a Certification Authority specialized in the development and marketing of high-tech solutions in the fields of Digital Signature, Strong Authentication, Cryptography and System Integration for medium and large companies with a specific focus on compliance based on European eIDAS regulations. Twenty years of activity, 100 highly qualified professionals, 100 active clients, 12 million euros of turnover in 2018 reinvested in innovative research and development projects and in a certification process that led it to be a Certification Authority and a European-level Trusted Service Provider. The company offers both consulting and design services as well as PaaS/SaaS and on premise solutions.

Dylog, can now count on a market player recognized for reliability and quality. This is an important acceleration on the demand for digital transformation to which all management solutions are now required to respond. “The acquisition – says Emilio Baselice, General Manager of Dylog Italia SpA – is part of a strategic project that has a dual objective. The first is to invest in leading companies in the process of supporting digital transformation for large Italian companies with the desire to expand the dissemination of the Group’s offer at European level. The second intent is to support even more effectively its historic, professional, small and medium-sized business customers, with application solutions enriched with value-added features that are easy to use, leveraging new technologies made available “.

For Intesi Group, the acquisition is the opportunity to increase investments in terms of business consultancy and the development of projects for enterprise-type customers and, at the same time, face new markets, bringing its expertise and know-how to small and medium-sized enterprises market, thanks to a sales and distribution network that is now available with Dylog. “Dylog Italia’s participation in Intesi Group – says Paolo Sironi, Chief Executive Officer, legal representative of the new corporate structure and holder of 49% of Intesi Group S.p.A. – is born under the sign of full business continuity, of development and growth in all the current sectors. The entry by Intesi Group into a group that has a total turnover of 200 million allows us to look to the future with an important growth perspective, for the company and for the people who dedicate themselves to it with daily passion. “

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