Easy Cloud Signature

Easy Cloud Signature

Starting from today on our Store is available Easy Cloud Signature, a Cloud-based Qualified Digital Certificate to sign anytime, anywhere, on any type of device at a very low price: 19 Euro.

We remind you that qualified certificates allow you to digitally sign with the same legal effect as handwritten signatures. Digital signatures comply with the most stringent regulations on electronic signatures such as eIDAS and GDPR and are accepted throughout Europe and in most countries around the world. You can digitally sign simply inserting your PIN and a “One Time Password” generated by our mobile App IG YOU.

 Here is what you need to digitally sign your documents:

A digital certificate that can be purchased for Euro 19.00 + VAT

IG DESK – our free signature software 

The free mobile App IG YOU to register for our services and to sign your documents.

Smile and sign anytime, anywhere, on any type of device!

For further information on Easy Cloud Signature have a look at our FAQ

 Have you already purchased Easy Cloud Signature? Do you need support or do you need further information? Please write to


Have you already purchased Easy Cloud Signature and need more information about IG DESK – our signature software?

Check out our FAQ page here