AI serving credit and payments, thanks to Fairtile. Now in partnership with Intesi Group

The efficiency and good health of any economic system depend on several variables.

Among them is, without any doubt, the proper management of credits and payments.

Slowdowns, difficulties and failures in such management generate inefficiencies and damages for banking institutions, insurance companies, energy companies, telecommunications operators and for any other business of any sector and size, but also for public entities of any order and degree: delays in collections and insolvencies – concerning installments, premiums, bills, subscriptions and so on – increase even more in periods when a country’s economy slows down or even goes into distress.

In such a scenario, therefore, there is an urgent need to find solutions to successfully deal with such problems and especially to anticipate them through proactive management of regular or past due credits and payments. Moreover, banks and finance companies need not only to reduce risk but also to increase credit volumes by facilitating access to credit to individuals with limited or no credit history (e.g., young people) without ever going to the expense of “safety” and regulatory compliance.

To all these needs and more, a young and dynamic fintech, with a deeply Italian soul but a decidedly international outlook, responds in a truly innovative way: this is FAIRTILE, a startup specializing in artificial intelligence for the world of credits and payments.

Thanks to proprietary AI algorithms, FAIRTILE‘s services allow for the digital collection and analysis of hundreds of pieces of information and the effective profiling of users in full respect of privacy, while also identifying possible risks of fraud: moreover, for credit scoring, FAIRTILE examines data that are often alternative to the information used by traditional engines, broadening the parameters of evaluation and thus fostering a decidedly more open and inclusive world of credit.

At the same time, FAIRTILE offers the opportunity to manage payments in a proactive and automated way: as a result, clients can reduce the costs they incur and the amount of resources they have to devote to the task, while simultaneously improving the user experience, facilitating interactions with users, and containing delays in collections and possible defaults, benefiting not only their own organizations but also the entire economic-financial system.

Service delivery involves, for FAIRTILE’s platform, handling a large number of transactions that, often, require certain identification of users.

In this latter area, the recent transaction by which Intesi Group entered FAIRTILE’s share capital has found fertile ground.

With the financial, industrial and commercial partnership, the two players will be able to even better support customers on a conscious path of digital transformation through the technological evolution of processes and business: thanks to their complementary knowledge, experience, methodologies and technologies, Intesi Group and FAIRTILE are already working on the development of new digital solutions, the proposition of a joint offer as well as the creation of new business opportunities especially in foreign markets.

Artificial Intelligence and Qualified Trust Services combine to facilitate and accelerate the evolution of the world of credits and payments.

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