Intesi Group enters the capital of Fairtile with a minority stake

The two companies will also collaborate on the development of new digital solutions and business synergies

Milan, October 18, 2023 – Intesi Group, a Qualified Trust Service Provider specialized in the development and marketing of high-tech solutions, has announced its entry into the capital of FAIRTILE, a startup specializing in artificial intelligence for the credit and payment industry. Intesi Group has invested in FAIRTILE, marking a significant milestone in their strategic collaboration.

The partnership between Intesi Group and FAIRTILE not only involves the acquisition of shares but also encompasses an industrial alliance. Both companies share a common mission to guide customers through a conscious digital transformation journey by leveraging technological advancements in their respective fields.

By combining their knowledge, experience, methodologies, and technologies, Intesi Group and FAIRTILE will collaborate on the development of new digital solutions. This collaboration aims to create a joint offering that opens up new growth opportunities for both organizations.

“We are thrilled to welcome Intesi Group as a shareholder in our company,” said Cristiano A. Motto, Co-founder and CEO of FAIRTILE. “This strategic partnership allows us to harness the expertise of Intesi Group and deliver enhanced value to our clients. Together, we will leverage our specialized knowledge and experience to further innovate and drive the digital transformation of the credit and payment industry.”.

FAIRTILE has gained recognition for its advanced artificial intelligence algorithms used for digital data analysis. The company’s intelligence services enable the collection and analysis of extensive user information while prioritizing privacy and user experience. With the help of artificial intelligence, FAIRTILE identifies and mitigates the risk of fraudulent activities such as synthetic identity and account takeover.

Intesi Group, with its 25 years of industry presence, is a trusted provider of Qualified Trust Services (QTSP) certified under the eIDAS regulation in Italy and Europe. The company offers comprehensive consultancy and solutions in areas such as electronic signatures, digital identity, multi-factor authentication, digital transaction management, document signatures, encryption, and data protection.

Furthermore, the collaboration between Intesi Group and FAIRTILE will not only include technological synergies, but also extend into commercial opportunities.

“At Intesi Group, when we evaluate investments in other companies, we focus first and foremost on real vision alignment and shared development prospects. We chose FAIRTILE because they have ideas and values that we share and a very promising future,” comments Paolo Sironi, President and CEO of Intesi Group. “I am convinced that the complementarity of our offerings, the synergies between our respective customer portfolios, and the potential growth opportunities in foreign markets, particularly in Asia, will bring us great satisfaction and reward our investment.”.

The partnership between Intesi Group and FAIRTILE represents a significant milestone in the evolution of both organizations. Their shared commitment to innovation, customer-centricity, and digital transformation positions them at the forefront of the credit and payment industry.

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