IG SMART: the easiest and safest way to sign on your smartphone

Starting from today, the new free IG SMART App is available for Android and iOS, designed to guarantee all our users an end-to-end mobile signature experience.

Developed entirely by Intesi Group, this mobile App allows you to apply one or more digital signatures directly from a smartphone or tablet in a few clicks.

The App has been designed to guarantee total privacy of documents since the entire signature procedure takes place on the device. The document never leaves the signer’s device.

IG SMART is also compliant with the European eIDAS Regulation and supports different types of signature authorizations, based on the type of certificate used:

  • authorization via our App Valid (OTPs generator)
  • authorization via SMS and/or email
  • authorization via hardware device.

Our goal was to complete the Intesi Group signature solutions with a product that puts the user experience at the very center, guaranteeing security and ease of use at the same time” – says Daniele Ribaudo Intesi Group Product Owner – “We are very satisfied with the result achieved in this first version of IG SMART, but we are already working to release important new features that will greatly enrich the App “.

Sign wherever you are!

Let’s download IG SMART and start your SMART signature experience.