Intesi Group joins the Cloud Signature Consortium

An international initiative to promote a common open standard for Digital Cloud Signature

An international initiative to promote a common open standard for Digital Cloud Signature

Milan — June 28th, 2016 — Intesi Group announces the launch of the Cloud Signature Consortium: a non competitive organization which aims to develop and foster a common open standard for cloud-based digital and electronic signature solutions.

Always active in the field of logical security and universally recognized as a leader in the supply of high-quality Cloud Signature products and services, Intesi Group is making its expertise available to the other twelve members of the Consortium, in order to surpass proprietary software architectures and define a standard which allows open interoperability among client applications and servers, even from different providers.

Thanks to the adoption of this standard by the selected providers, users will be able to access signature services from every compliant device, web and mobile applications, with no need of integration efforts, migrations or specific technology.

“Finally, after a decade of proprietary projects, Cloud Signature is entering a new phase of maturity that will significantly extend its use.” says Fernando Catullo – CEO at Intesi Group – “We are very pleased to be part of this initiative, a milestone of the new era”.

The effort of the Cloud Signature Consortium will change the digital signature landscape, which nowadays is fragmented and populated by proprietary solutions which disregard customer experience. The Consortium innovative approach will be the basis of simple and accessible applications, which take into consideration user needs and eliminate the need to worry about technological problems and usability limitations.

The Consortium opens up to the public in conjunction with the entry into force of eIDAS (electronic IDentification Authentication and Signature), the new European regulation on Digital Signatures. The European Commission has worked hard to bring eIDAS to life: it’s a moment of paramount importance, because it paves the way towards a deep digital transformation of European businesses, governments and institutions.

As of now, Intesi Group is committed to implement the Consortium standard, contributing to the development of a global, cloud-based digital signature landscape.


For more information, visit the Cloud Signature Consortium official website at: