Intesi Group Forest is getting bigger and bigger!

In the spring of last year, Intesi Group Forest saw the light. A beautiful sustainability project that involved the entire company. Together with Treedom we started by planting 500 trees scattered around the world.

All Intesians were given one to care for and cherish over the years.

In addition, all new customers of our IG SIGN signature platform had and will have 5 trees up for adoption to expand their green choice: making their companies paperless and greening the planet.

This year, building on the success of the initiative, we decided to renew our green commitment by expanding the Intesi Group Forest. Taking on fair, equitable and environmentally friendly behavior is our duty both as a company and as people.

The numbers speak for themselves. Our 700 trees will absorb: approximately 233,500 Kg. of CO2 over the first ten years of the trees’ life, and with this project, we will support the activities of numerous people, NGOs and small local communities in six different countries around the globe.

We believe that by planting trees in an agroforestry system we can reverse the trend, and provide a future for Nature and all beings that inhabit it.

Let’s green the planet together!