Intesi Group is the Italian key player for the Digital Signature

It’s the first company – totally Made in Italy – to offer a Digital Qualified Remote Signature solution in compliance with European standards

Milan, February 23, 2015 – Intesi Group SpA, an Italian company operating in Information & Communication Technology with specialization in products and services for Digital Signature and Application & Service Management, today announces that it has obtained the Confirmation Certificate of Secure Signature Creation Device for the PkBox platform, that is the legal evaluation of compliance for its Digital Qualified Remote Signature solution as secure signature device.

Until now in Italy there was only one certified Digital Qualified Remote Signature solution, but now, following the positive evaluation obtained, Intesi Group will be the first totally Italian company to offer this type of solution valid in Italy and throughout the European market .

Thanks to high product quality, competence and reliability of the company, in just six months, Intesi Group has passed all required tests to obtain an Europen compliance assessment by the Austrian Certification Agency A-SIT (Secure Information Technology Center). The Compliance Assessment certificate was achieved in reference to the European Directive 1993/93 / EC, and it’s compatible with both the Italian legislation and the European one.

The solution is based on the security server PkBox. PkBox server is the most powerful and flexible security server available on the market for the management of digital signature operations according to law and to support applications that implement the logical data security through encryption. PkBox is widely used in all situations where it’s necessary to handle large volumes of transactions (automatic signature, verification of received documents) with maximum flexibility, reliability and scalability.

Digital signature is a useful technology to sign an electronic document with the guarantees of data integrity that are the subject of the subscription, and authenticity of information related to the subscriber. Companies increasingly feel the need to adopt Digital Qualified Remote Signature solutions for paperless processes.

Security is our job“, is Intesi Group leitmotiv. The company has long been a reference point for the market in the area of digital signatures and security: “We want to ensure our customers a complete and certified solution that allows them to grant a legal value to electronic documents issued” says Fernando Catullo – CEO at Intesi Group. “The digital signature is an essential tool for all those organizations that need to assess the validity and integrity of electronic documents received. Our solution allows to simplify signature and verification operations, reducing operating costs“.

The market of Digital Signature services is a rapidly growing” – Finally says Catullo – “and thanks to the compliancy assessment obtained and the experience gained in recent years, Intesi Group is able to offer solutions that are perfectly suited to the needs of all customers in the management and processing of data and documents“.