Intesi Group got the qualification as Qualified Trust Service Provider

The Trusted Digital Transformation by Intesi Group

Last January 22nd, following the positive evaluation process carried out by AgID  and in compliance with the recent eIDAS European Regulation , Intesi Group has achieved accreditation as a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP), becoming a full-fledged company to provide trust services and strengthening its role as a provider of solutions and services for the Trusted Digital Transformation.

The QTSP qualification is part of the positioning strategy of Intesi Group as an Italian leading international company in the Digital Signature arena and follows the equally important European certifications of its Cloud Signature products, recognized for the absolute quality and technological level that make it one of the best PKI platforms available on the world market.

Some of the most important Italian companies and institutions use Intesi Group’s products with infrastructures that are unique in terms of dimensions and number of transactions . Other trust service providers have adopted the Intesi Group technologies, confirming the quality and uniqueness of the proposal that covers the widest spectrum of possibilities for use, from consumer cloud services and minimum investment to large On Premise infrastructures suitable for managing millions of users and thousands of transactions per second.

With the QTSP qualification, Intesi Group can now offer: Qualified Signature Certificates, Strong Authentication and Qualified Remote Signatures, regardless of quantities and volumes to be managed.

Thanks to recent eIDAS regulations the market for trust services is no longer segmented into many small national markets, but is a single large European digital market. This means that the competition will no longer be limited to niche markets. Competition will be shifted on a wider area of ​​common and shared rules. Intesi Group combines its quality as a technology supplier with the recognition of the technical and organizational quality control bodies of the company and can therefore face up to the challenges that the future holds.