Stay safe and sign digitally

Promo ended

The emergency phase is now over. The Intesi Group team had a busy time in order to support this campaign. Thousands of certificates have been issued. However, the project has come to its natural end.

If you are still interested in purchasing a cloud based digital signature certificate, here you can find all our products.


Solidarity Cloud Signature

The virus forced us to stay at home, but many – like us at Intesi Group – continue to work at a fast pace.

To ensure operations and facilitate processes even in smart working, we have decided to offer a Qualified Digital Signature certificate at a “supportive price”.

We remind you that qualified certificates allow you to digitally sign with the same legal effect as handwritten signatures. Digital signatures comply with the most stringent regulations on electronic signatures such as eIDAS and GDPR and are accepted throughout Europe and in the most countries around the world. You can digitally sign simply inserting your PIN and a “One Time Password” generated by our mobile App Valid.

Here is what you need:

A cloud-based digital certificate 


Valid Desk, our free signature software 


The free mobile App Valid to register for our services and to sign your documents.


Stay safe at home and continue to work efficiently!



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