Why Time4Mind?

We talk a lot about digitization, but as often happens with many words, we rarely stop to think about their deep meaning. The first image that comes to mind associated with digitization is probably the pervasive use of information technology, to accelerate business and society both at work and at leisure.

The most immediate benefit we find is saving time. Today we can say “hurry up” almost for everything in which information plays an important role. It is faster to send a photo to a friend or relative. You organize a business appointment faster. You find faster your destination.

This is why Intesi Group, which has been dealing with digital signatures and digitization for more than twenty years, since it was called dematerialization, has chosen a new word that connotes its products with the idea of ​​time. Time4Mind means precisely “time for the mind” because the time that technology saves us is time freed up for more important things.

Digitally sign, save time for your mind!