Intesi Group’s free signature tool now multilingual and with XML signature

Intesi Group’s effort continues to offer the market reliable products with an extremely pleasant and intuitive user experience.

A new version of Valid Desk, the free desktop signature tool that allows you to sign in four steps, is now available. Compared to the previous version, now Valid Desk is also in Italian, French and Spanish, and includes the XML signature mode – for more technical people XAdES Enveloped – to meet all the needs of our customers.

From a survey started in October 2019 and addressed to all our customers, Valid Desk has collected an overall rating of 4.5 on a scale of 5, becoming one of the best free signature software available on the market.

Valid Desk has been designed and developed putting the user experience as the first goal” says Daniele Ribaudo – Intesi Group Product Owner. “After years of experience in this sector, I realized that the only lever to transform the digital transaction from a mere declaration to an irreversible process was the improvement and simplification of the signature experience. Hence Valid Desk and its success “.

To download and use the new Valid Desk click the button below.