Webinar – Digital Identity Framework – a bright European future

Digital Identity Framework

a bright European future

Webinar – 7th July, 3pm CEST

#Eudigitalidentity   #DigitalEU

The European Commission is engaged in a process of the EU eIDAS Regulation revision, driven by the EU’s technology policy priorities and by the European Council mandate to come forward with a proposal for a European digital identity framework.

While the eIDAS Regulation delivered many of its goals and became widely recognized in terms of Trust Services, with the advancement in technologies, user behavior, and the increasing of online platforms acting as identity providers, there is a clear need for an updated framework for a convenient, trustworthy, competitive and cross-border interoperable Digital Identity.

We want a set of rules that puts people at the center. (…) This includes control over our personal data which still have far too rarely today. Every time an App or website asks us to create a new digital identity or to easily log on via a big platform, we have no idea what happens to our data in reality. That is why the Commission will soon propose a secure European e-identity. One that we trust and that any citizen can use anywhere in Europe to do anything from paying your taxes to renting a bicycle. A technology where we can control ourselves what data and how data is used.” – Ursula Von Der Leyen in her State of the Union Speech.

What is the status of the eIDAS Regulation revision process?
Which are the options for the new pan-European digital identity framework envisaged by the European Commission?
Would the private sector play a role in digital identity provisioning?
What impact will have the new framework on the European market?

Just to name few topics addressed in a panel discussion with distinguished experts.

Norbert Sagstetter

Head of eGovernment and Trust, H4 Unit @European Commission


Riccardo Genghini

Chairman @ETSI ESI

Herbert Leitold

Secretary-General @A-SIT – Secure Information Technology Center – Austria


Viky Manaila

Trust Services Director @Intesi Group



The webinar will have 15 minutes at the end dedicated to questions from the audience.

As we expect a considerable number of attendees, and due to the time constrain,

we encourage you to send in advance your question by email at: marketing@intesigroup.com


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