Playing Improves Your Learning Performance

Technology is often complex and this can be a barrier to its adoption. We believe that the game can be an unconventional tool to communicate and to facilitate the overcoming of these barriers.



According to eminent researchers, the world of cryptocurrencies is the digital re-edition of the gold rush in the old far west. TapCoin is a contest between miners in an attempt to win the precious nuggets made by blockchain numbers. Accumulate points to increase your calculation skills and you’ll improve your results by reaching the podium of the miners!

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CATcher Passworld

Security is a journey, not a destination. CATcher Passworld is an edugame that takes you on a training trip to discover the secrets of Internet security. Solve the puzzles you encounter on the way to the temples of the masters and learn the secrets to protect yourself on the net!



Superficiality on the web is dangerous and Coral knows that: The evil Raven has taken possession of his phone and pretends to be her online. Only a transformist cat can save the situation: venture with Fernando the Cat in search of the identity of Coral!