Manage, archive and digitally preserve Certified Electronic Mail

The Certified Electronic Mail is equivalent to a registered letter with return receipt thanks to the “Delivery Receipt” that gives the sender certainty that a message has been sent and delivered to a recipient.

The delivery receipt is an e-mail message issued by the Certified Electronic Mail Manager as a confirmation that the communication has been sent. It contains the original message, the delivery data and is digitally signed by the Certified Electronic Mail Manager, which thus guarantees the exact time of sending, the authenticity of the content and consequently the immodifiability of the same.

However, the digital signature applied has an expiration date as it is tied to a signature certificate that usually has a limited life span.

In order to give lasting evidentiary legal value to CEM, it is not sufficient to print it and the message delivery and acceptance receipts in paper format or to save it in one’s archives, but rather it must be stored digitally in a regulation-compliant preservation system so that the characteristics of authenticity, integrity, reliability, readability and unchangeability can be guaranteed.

Preserving the Certified Electronic Mail is not only useful for evidentiary purposes but is also a regulatory requirement, in fact:

Certified Electronic Mail is a form of business correspondence with legal relevance and must be kept for 10 years, and because it may also have relevant content for business purposes.

CEMs are considered to be computerized documents, so Article 43 of the CAD (Digital Administration Code) stipulates that they must be preserved digitally in accordance with the technical rules provided for preservation systems.

The Intesi Group solution

It is a platform that facilitates the management of the mailbox, certifies the path of messages within the company, keeps messages and notifications close by, flags unread CEMs, and allows a configuration of access permissions at different levels of the same mailbox.

The platform is directly integrated with the Intesi Group Preservation System, thus offering a turnkey service.

The platform:

  • keeps the CEM or mailbox efficient and always operational, thus obviating the issue of emptying it and the risk of deleting important documents
  • simplifies the work of the people who read and write messages
  • guarantees and shares the information of reading and managing a message
  • protects the company from the cyber threats of viruses
  • gives legal value over time to CEM messages (possibly also mail) as it sends the messages and related attachments into digital preservation through a single interface.

It is possible to choose how often to send CEMs for preservation with customizable service levels up to a minute and select which messages to “keep.”

Simple mailboxes (Ordinary Electronic Mail) can also be managed with the same platform.

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