Configuration Errors Detector

Smart Line Check is a tool developed by Intesi Group for detecting configuration errors of telco operators. It can be connected to analog lines, ISDN or mobile SIM, making calls to landline and mobile numbers. During activation or number portability customers often report inefficiencies in receiving or making calls. For the customer, the problem is usually due to the new operator. It is actually very often caused by one of the other OLOs.

Improve Your Services!

For a SMART customer experience.

It reduces management costs by automating the control process.

It concretely improves the customer experience.

Relieves support operators who respond to customer reports of disservice.

It accurately identifies the operator responsible for the disservice.

The lines can be parallelized for a better performance.

It is possible to insert a personalized voice message informing customers that tests are in progress on the telephone line (further improvement of the CX).

How It Works

Smart Line Check can work autonomously through audio analysis of calls or integrate with call tracking systems to verify that the call has been routed correctly.

Single Test

that allows you to quickly perform a test on a single phone number.

Massive Test

that allows you to run a campaign on multiple phone numbers. The tests are loaded using an Excel file. It is possible to schedule tests at a predefined time in order not to disturb the customer in specific time slots and select a cut-off time after which the test will be automatically canceled.

How about a demo?

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