The Intesi Group Software Factory was created to focus all the skills needed to develop new applications, even very complex ones, in a single ecosystem, quickly and efficiently, thanks to creative solutions of extremely agile processes, in a highly technological environment.

The main feature of the Software Factory is the ability to manage the entire software development life cycle with high quality and safety methodologies and standards.

The added value of a software factory is therefore the ability to create specialized teams for each project, coordinated by professionals who are always in step with innovation. This type of structure allows us to be scalable and efficient.

Use Case


For an international telco company, we have developed an application for the management and optimization of Trouble Ticket flows, reducing resolution times thanks to an intelligent allocation algorithm. The tool allows the characterization of the ticket based on dynamic rules provided by the system administrators, offering the possibility of balancing the workloads towards the management centers that proceed with taking charge and closing the ticket. Our Software Factory has supported the Customer in the choice and definition of the architecture, technologies and methodology. All this made it possible to achieve the final goal through an incremental approach based on frequent releases and continuous tests to verify the effectiveness of the interventions carried out, aimed at further ensuring compliance with the expected results, increasing the quality of the software.


For a German bank, we developed a portal designed for managing, in Italy, the integration with the bank’s central global identity management system. The portal is the central point of the various channels (web portal, mobile app, corporate application, etc.) to allow customers to carry out a process of migration, activation and management of new credentials with relative PSD2 compliance token, and above all to create an access Single Sign On for bank services. The Software Factory, having a strong know-how in this sector, was able to help the customer in the choice of technologies, developing and guaranteeing high performance both in terms of safety and quality.

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