The Intesi Group Test Factory was born as an evolution of a “customer oriented” company. The customers’ demand for quality – in order to be valued – requires to have a customer centric vision.

Attention to customer experience is crucial

We want the user experience to be as intuitive as possible, so that it can be easier to achieve all expectations. For this reason our Test Factory is involved from the earliest stages of project development, in synergy with the other structures.

In the area of ​​Quality Assurance our Test Factory offers customers a successfully tested center of excellence:

Range of experiences

Proven procedures allow us to efficiently deliver all software testing services, from management of established requirements to end-to-end monitoring and reporting.

Quality Assurance

Our Test Factory offers added value to customers, thanks to its rapid scalability and short response times.

We also offer consulting services to our customers who want to implement their own testing structure.

Use Cases


For an international telco company we developed an application for managing Trouble Tickets. The Test Factory supported the Software Factory to identify the actions to be taken to arrive at a clear, intuitive interface that makes the user experience simple and fluid. To achieve this goal, not only an accurate analysis of the customer’s functional requests was carried out, but also a survey on the needs of those who work in call centers and service desks.


For an international financial company we developed Performance Tests to assess the robustness of the systems impacted by the changes required by the entry into force of the European PSD2 Directive. The Test Factory helped the customer to identify the correct benchmarks according to the needs of their clients.

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