Destination sustainability: the journey of Intesi Group

Intesi Group has officially embarked on its journey towards sustainability.

This journey began several years ago, but we have now decided to address and organize it more professionally, to prepare a true sustainability report by 2025.

The first important step was to conduct an assessment that allowed us to capture the company’s environmental, social, and governance sustainability performance. This helped us highlight our strengths, weaknesses, and possible areas for improvement that Intesi Group needs to focus on.

Confirming the work done over the years, the overall monitored ESG values have achieved medium-high ratings, with peaks of excellence in the Social area, particularly concerning workers’ health, safety, and well-being. However, an area identified for improvement is energy consumption, which is closely related to the consumption of Data Centers where our equipment and our services are hosted.

Intesi Group is committed to improving this aspect immediately through more precise analysis and constant monitoring of consumption, requiring maximum collaboration and attention from our technology partners on the issue.

In short, the journey towards full sustainability continues… a journey that started very well and which we are proud to carry on with the utmost commitment and determination.