Intesi Group acquires a stake in Verbalizza

With the acquisition of a minority stake, the companies aim to develop growing technological, industrial and commercial collaboration.

Milan, June 13, 2024 – Intesi Group, Qualified Trust Service Provider specializing in the development and commercialization of high-tech solutions, and Verbalizza, startup creator of the innovative platform for organizing and managing corporate meetings with legal value, announce Intesi Group’s entry into the young company’s capital with a 25 percent stake.

The agreement implies a mutual commitment to strong and growing technological, industrial and commercial cooperation based on the complementarity of their respective knowledge, experience, methodologies and solutions.

Verbalizza’s eponymous and innovative digital platform has already been adopted by several corporate entities for the organization and management of official meetings in full compliance with regulations: in particular, Corporate Meetings and Boards of Directors held in physical mode, entirely by remote video link or hybrid mode.

The platform supports them at every stage, guaranteeing administrative and organizational correctness: from the gathering (with immediate evidence of delivery and acceptance as well as simplification in the conferment of proxies) to the management of the proxies themselves (appointment, acceptance, compilation, signature and archiving), from the identification of participants to the certification of attendance and achievement of constitutive and deliberative quorums, from the recording and ongoing sharing of statements made and documents presented, to the innovative automatic drafting of the minutes in real-time by the system. Every activity is tracked with special logs and stored in certified servers, in full compliance with laws and statutory regulations, making “simple” video-conference meetings obsolete.

Intesi Group’s entry into Verbalizza represents an undoubted opportunity for us to strengthen and grow. And not only in terms of greater economic-financial solidity – underlines Sara Mervi, Co-Founder and Administrator of Verbalizza – Operating in an area of exponential technological innovation and on a product in constant development of new functionalities, we needed a partner experienced in the market and with an offer of consolidated and complementary services. But, above all – sharing with us vision, style and values – able to support us from a strategic, organizational and operational point of view as well as to take us a quantum leap and further elevate our ambitions. Intesi Group, already in the first steps of this new journey together, has shown that it fully corresponds to this identikit.

Intesi Group, present in the market for 25 years, is a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) certified under the eIDAS regulation in Italy and Europe. The company offers consultancy and advanced solutions in the areas of electronic signatures, digital identity and multifactor authentication, digital management of document approval and signature transactions, encryption and data protection: a range of services also capable of significantly increasing the evidentiary documentary value of corporate meetings managed with Verbalizza and reinforcing the principles of transparency, security and traceability that, from the outset, have inspired the development of the platform.

Verbalizza boasts some peculiarities that have attracted our attention and induced us to verify the mutual interest and to quickly finalize the transaction we are announcing today,” comments Paolo Sironi, President and CEO of Intesi Group as well as newly appointed board member of Verbalizza. “Not least because we are united by our common vision on the future and on the possible development strategies to win the most important challenges of today and tomorrow. For example, those that will be played out in the field of Artificial Intelligence: we are convinced that the combination of our respective know-how will result in increasingly innovative solutions, capable of effectively responding to customers’ needs in completely new scenarios and significantly differentiating ourselves on the market.

The synergies between Intesi Group and Verbalizza will also be expressed at a commercial level. Currently, the platform is mainly adopted by corporations – tending to have at least a dozen shareholders, perhaps in territorially distant locations, or with multiple directors – that need to simplify the organization and management of their meetings, without reducing and indeed increasing the levels of regulatory compliance: it is easy to imagine that, with time and with the continuous enrichment of functionalities, it may prove to be the ideal tool also for structures of different size, structure and type.