Logical security

Signature, authentication, encryption

Electronic Banking

Cards and electronic payments


Maintenance, monitoring and application management

Yesterday’s experience

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Great technological skills and field experience help us create innovative products that anticipate the market’s trends and meet our clients’ needs.

Our offer is well-structured, covering all the technical and IT management aspects, especially in matters of Security, Application Integration and Electronic Banking, our main areas of expertise and specialisation. Depending on the customer’s needs, Intesi Group can either develop a project from scratch, customised with ad hoc requirements and features, or offer pre-made products, off-the-shelf or in cloud, to be integrated with the current IT system. Intesi Group adopts, where possible, standard operative methodologies, suitable to the project or management goals.

Our products and services are, in essence, components, server or client (on premise), Web API or App mobile (in cloud), to be integrated in an application solution, and therefore suitable to be included in projects. Intesi Group guarantees the highest quality and reliability of the product for the customer, who is responsible of the project and the application service, as well as all the technical expertise required for the proper use of the solutions we provided.

Regardless of the type of collaboration chosen by the customer, our offer deals mainly with the following fields:

Digital signature

Strong authentication

Logical security and PKI technologies

Security systems for Payments and Electronic Banking

Advanced Cloud Solution

Change Management e Release Management

Remote signature

Certification Authority

Remote and Electronic Digital Signature

Integration and Interoperability

Distributed Computing and Automation

Application Management and Full Service Support

The best approach for you

Consulting services

We offer consulting services in support of projects and operative management, supplied in the name and on behalf of the clients. Thanks to this approach, we provide technical expertise, high specialisation and twenty years of experience for the customer who is starting a project and wants to keep full control over it – both in the matter of realisation strategy, and in terms of contents, requirements and features.

Off-the-shelf products

Our products implement optimal features in order to realise application solutions that combine operations of Signature and Strong Authentication. Thus, the customer can focus on the business aspects, leaving to the product – ready, fully functional and, if possible, with references – the task to solve the technical issues he does not master, or that have not a key role in his business proposal.

Online services

In order to meet all needs, Intesi Group has developed several online services offering pre-made cloud solutions (SaaS and PaaS). The cloud service provides the same features as the off-the-shelf products, with all the necessary application and management aspects. The customer can choose our Signature and Strong Authentication product with ease and speed, no substantial investment needed to start.

Customised solutions:

your needs come first

Intesi Group has developed different types of offering in order to meet at best the client’s needs and the different methodological criteria preferred. These solutions gradually reduce the client’s responsibility and involvement in planning, leaving us with the duty to guarantee quality, maintenance, and correct distribution of features, in compliance with the service and business continuity levels agreed under negotiation. Intesi Group can:

Supply planning and consulting services in the design of the solution

Support the client in the project management and development

Provide products fit to solve technological problems

Supply cloud services that meet the needs with the agreed levels of service

Support the client in the integration of products/services

Guarantee the operative management and all the activities of the system’s life cycle after the project

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Our certifications


Qualified Signature Creation Device certificate issued by A-SIT (Austria – Secure Information Technology Center) for the signature solution PkBox, in compliance with EU Regulation 910/2014 eIDAS.


Intesi Group is qualified, according to Regulation (EU) n. 910/2014 for the provision of qualified trust services.

ISO 9001:2015

Quality management system

ISO 27001:2013

Information security management system