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Why should I trust Intesi Group?

Intesi Group is certified by the Italian government agency AgID (Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale) which publishes the list of companies authorized to provide trust services, including the digital signature. The complete list is available here. Intesi Group is also qualified, according to eIDAS Regulation (EU) n. 910/2014 for the provision of qualified trust services. Here the certificate.

Do the certificates have legal validity?

The qualified digital signature certificate can be used to sign documents with the same legal value as handwritten signatures.

How many signatures can I affix with Easy Cloud Signature?

Easy Cloud Signature lasts 12 months and there is no limit to the number of signatures that can be made during this period.

Can I sign files in CAdES (.p7m) or PAdES (pdf) format?

With Valid Desk – our free desktop application – you can sign files both in CAdES and PAdES mode. The Valid Desk software can be downloaded here
FAQ on Valid Desk available here

Can I buy a certificate for other people?

Yes, it is possible that who buys the certificate is different from the person to whom the certificate is issued and therefore from the person who will digitally sign. During the purchase phase please write the signatory’s e-mail address and not the registration e-mail address used on the Intesi Group store. The certificate is always issued to the person identified during the video-identification session. The signature holder must have a personal e-mail address, which is uniquely associated with his digital signature certificate, as well as being used for communications related to the procedure for issuing the certificate and its renewal over time.

Is the certificate sent by mail or as an attachment via email?

The digital signature certificate is stored securely, according to the European eIDAS regulation, within the Intesi Group systems. The signer uses his own certificate and is able to sign the documents by entering his PIN and an OTP-One Time Password. The issue of the digital signature certificate, therefore, does not require any hard copy or email attachment.

What do I need for video-identification?

You need a device such as a smartphone, a tablet or a PC, equipped with a camera and your passport at hand.

Does identification take place in your offices?

Identification is only via a video-identification session lasting a few minutes. To carry out the video identification it is necessary to use a device connected to the internet (PC, smartphone or tablet) equipped with a camera.

Is identification carried out via webcam?

Yes, identification is via webcam. The customer must have a valid passport at hand. The identity verification, during the web session, is carried out by an authorized operator of Intesi Group. The procedure normally does not exceed 10 minutes.

What features should the webcam have?

There are no specific technical requirements. We recommend the use of a webcam such as those installed on the latest generation devices.

Can identification be carried out via Smartphone or Tablet?

Yes, video-identification can be carried out via Smartphone or Tablet.

Is the website only in Italian?

All Intesi Group websites are available in both English and Italian. Video-identification sessions can take place in both Italian and English.

How long does it take to issue the certificate?

After the checkout from the Store the customer is asked to book the video-identification session. Normally this session is held within 24 – 48 hours after the purchase. At the end of the video-identification, the user receives an e-mail with all the info on how to request the certificate and start signing. The issuing procedure lasts a few minutes.

What do I need to request the certificate?

You must have a smartphone or a tablet where you have to install the free mobile App Valid available on the Android and Apple stores.

What types of payments do you accept?

Credit cards only.

Is there an automatic renewal of the signature certificate? How can I cancel the automatic renewal?

Before the expiration of the certificate, the customer receives an email with the renewal instructions. Renewal is NOT automatic. It’s up to the user to choose.

Can I sign from PC and mobile devices?

The digital signature, both in CAdES and PAdES format, is carried out via the free Valid Desk software which only works on PC and can be downloaded here
FAQ on Valid Desk is available here.
Valid Desk is available for Windows, Mac and Linux environments.

What are the minimum Android and iOS versions supported by the Valid App?

Currently, the minimum supported versions are:
– for Android: 4.1
– for iOS: 9.0

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